Split That Name!

Tired of splitting a full name to have a first name column for automatic communication? Or have you ever wanted to combine two columns of information as an item name or new column value? We have the solution for you!

How it works

There are two integration features included in this app.

Split That Name

One with various recipes allowing you to split a column or item name into one or two columns. 

Text Join

The second feature allows you to combine two values and assign the result into a third column or as the item’s name.

This is a great solution when you want to leverage automatic communication with clients on your board. Now you can have the email easily reference their first name instead of their full name without requiring them to fill out a full name question AND a first name question.


Installation Guide

A guide on how to install and start using our Split That Name! monday integrations app.

Step 1: Navigate to the installation link provided.
You will be prompted with the OAuth scopes the app requires. Click the blue ‘Install’ button. The app will then be installed successfully.

Step 2: Navigate to any board you wish to use the integration recipes on. There are two features with this app and both are integrations. On the desired board we recommend you explore the two integrations and the provides recipes to determine the best setup based on your use case. Be sure to add any additional columns you may need to make the integrations work. Some of the common use cases we see people using this app is for a contacts or sales board where the information filling the board is coming from a form containing a full name question or both first and last name questions. However, they want to see both full name and the first/last name columns in monday. So this app will allow you to either split a full name or join the first and last name to generate the full name. You choose.
Choose board
Step 4: On the board you wish to add the application to, click on the ‘Integrate’ option or navigate to ‘Board Power-Ups’ and choose ‘Integrations’.

Step 5: Click “+ Add new integration”.

Step 6: Click on the ‘Split That Name!’ feature.

Step 7: Choose from one of the custom recipes as desired or go back by clicking on “Integrations Center”

Step 8: Click on the ‘Text Join’ feature.

Step 9: Choose from one of the custom recipes as desired or go back by clicking on “Integrations Center”


You can go to the monday.com app marketplace for purchasing!

OR add directly below for your 14 day trial!