Simplified Workflows Integrations for monday. This is an app that contains a bundle of features that will enhance your monday experience and expand what you can do through automations and integrations.

How it works

There are five integration features included in this app.

Date Mutations

Let’s do more with date columns!  
Like being able to set the value of one date columns based on the value from another date column!!!

Timeline Mutations

imeline columns are powerful but lack the ability to automatically set them. Now you can! 

Split That Name

One with various recipes allowing you to split a column or item name into one or two columns. 

Column(s) to Column

Want to automatically set a text value? This app is for you!

Group Duplications

Groups can only be duplicated to the boards they exist on. Use this feature to trigger a duplication of a group that lives on a different board.

Installation Guide

A guide on how to install and start using our S.W.I.M monday integrations app.

Step 1: Navigate to the installation link provided.
You will be prompted with the OAuth scopes the app requires. Click the blue ‘Install’ button. The app will then be installed successfully.

Install S.W.I.M

Step 2: Navigate to any board you wish to use the integration recipes on.
There are five features with this app. On the desired board we recommend you explore the integrations and the provided recipes to determine the best setup based on your use case. Be sure to add any additional columns you may need to make the integrations work. All actions from all features are also available in monday’s Automate area so you have more control over when and how you trigger the actions you want.

installed S.W.I.M
S.W.I.M - Date Mutations